Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rotating Yard Art

We've biked past this Yard Art many times before.
It's nothing special,
unless the weather is just right.
Today, it was perfect.

If you've got 10 seconds,
why not mellow out and enjoy the breezy sounds
of this summertime Rotating Yard Art:

Peace out, dudes!


Parental Figure said...

everibuNice but the thing is rotating counter-clockwise? Rare as America is a clockwise place!

Cari said...

Well, I had to look it up.

Apparently windmills can rotate in either direction as their rotation is determined by which way the blades are facing when assembled.

Obviously, these people are a little backwards and faced their blades accordingly.

Parental Figure said...

I guess they could be on correctly and the wind is coming from the back. If the windmill doesn't rotate then they'd rotate backwards.

Too much Engineer huh?

Cari said...

Dear Parental Figure: I'm not sure about any of what you just said, but we only speak English on this blog. : )

other Parental Figure said...

Cari....this is what I have to listen to everyday. I'm with u; speak English only.

Cari said...

Dear Other: Poor thing! I suggest that whenever this happens you take a glass of wine and call me in the morning. :)


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