Saturday, August 06, 2011

Things Turn Serious

Our small town puts out a weekly 12-page newspaper
and look what was in this week's edition:

Phant and I could be real, actual,
wanted criminals!

Since the Police Log doesn't give an exact
date or address, we aren't for sure that this call
was regarding our Day of Trespassing.

Still, just to be on the safe side,
Phant has taken to spending his days here:

Poor Husband is quite confused as to why
he keeps finding Phant underneath our bed.
When he asks me about it, I just shrug it off and say,
"Huh, no telling when it comes to Phant.
Maybe he's got some issues?"

Let this be a lesson to us all:
Committing crimes is bad.


Anonymous said...

You two may need to go to the mattresses if the other gang gets wind of this.

Anonymous said...

So, Phant is "laying low" these days....Crime doesn't pay.

O'Neal said...

At least I understand the censoring this time. It will really stump the FBI should they be called in for assistance.

Poor Phant, hope he doesn't end up sharing a jail cell with a couple of mean looking teddy bears.

Cari said...

Anon: Hey "go to the mattresses" is from The Godfather, right? There will be no gang fighting. Phant is an animal of peace.

Other Anon: Crime NEVER pays. Well, unless you end up with more money than you had before committing the crime. Then, I guess it pays. Ha, ha.

The FBI??!! Do you know something we don't know? Oh no!

PS. Teddy Bears are for thumb suckers!

O'Neal said...

No, I don't know anything you don't. Was just commenting on your, ahem, superb covering-your-tracks method : )

Edit: Poor Phant, hope he doesn't end up sharing a jail cell with a couple of mean looking, thumb sucking, teddy bear owners.

Senior Parental Figure said...

So I hope Husband can survive if both you and Phant end up weraing stripes doing time in the big house!

Cari said...

Dear Old Parent Person: Worry not. Husband will survive just fine because I would never serve any time. Instead, I (turncoat that I am) would turn on Phant and go "State's witness". He knows it, too. That's why he's the one hiding under the bed! : )

Oneal: Are you, ahem, mocking my slueth skills?

O'Neal said...

"Old Parent Person". Oh man, I bet you got written out of the will with that one.

Am I mocking you? Of course, I am! What do I win?!


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