Monday, September 05, 2011

Bridge Walk

Have you ever heard of the Mackinac Bridge Walk?  
Thousands of people, traditionally led by the Governor of Michigan, cross the five-mile (8 km) span on foot from St. Ignace to Mackinaw City.  The annual trek across the Mackinac Bridge (which is the longest suspension bridge in the Western hemisphere and third longest in the world)  occurs on Labor Day, the only day of the year pedestrians are allowed on the bridge.   The walk is one-way, and bus transportation is available to return you to St. Ignace.

Mackinac Bridge Walk:
Mackinac Bridge Walk

It is a long walk across and some of the walkers aren't in top physical condition,
so before they open the bridge they try to encourage people
to stretch and warm-up their muscles a little.
And it is usually pretty warm outside on Labor Day,
so half way across, there are water stations so the walkers
do not get dehydrated.

Why am I telling you all this?
Because our small town jumped on the Bridge Walk band wagon
and has been holding its own Walk for the last four years.

Our Small Town Bridge:
Our Small Town Bridge Walk
It takes an average person about 100 steps to get across.

Our bridge may be a bit smaller than Big Mac,
but the town still takes The Walk very seriously.

Bridge Walk Stretching Station

They offer a stretching station complete with a brick 
so even those tricky calf muscles get warmed up.

Sufficiently stretched, the limbered-up townspeople
(including us) bravely set out to cross the bridge:

Our Townspeople Making the Bridge Walk

Husband was sure glad to see
this watering station at the half way point:

Husband at the Watering Station

But I fear the watering stop may have prevented us from receiving an
Official Certificate of Crossing
because as we neared the finish line
we heard our local Congressman call out:
"Only three more Certificates left."
We were about 8 people away.

No certificate?
Major bummer!
Oh well.
We were somewhat pacified by this last sign:

Bridge Walk Offers Sweet Reward

Refueled and refreshed,
we hoofed it back across the bridge
as there was no return bus service being offered.
It was all good though as
we brought our own transportation home:


Happy Labor Day everyone!


Bev Sykes said...

That's my favorite story this week!

Parental Figure said...

Now it seems to me that the body builder husband shouldn't have needed any refreshement. Give him some some guff as it sounds like he cost you two a certificate. I'm not sure it's that important but if it is give him some legal attitude.

FYI: Zeeland made the big time. The other day it was a company in Zeeland that had jobs when everyone in the news is bad mouthing the jobs available. Fox news did a rather long story (mulyiple times) about the 200 jobs that Gentex in town has. The problem is that they can not find qualified applicants. Gentex is the major manufacturer of the high tech complicated mirrors used in todays automobiles, military vehicles and the space vehicles. In Michigan go figure.

Good post.... good thing he never had to cross the bridge to the upper peninsula....{:-)


Husband said...

I hesitate to disagree with a parental figure, but in this case i feel that i must.

By replacing the fluids my body lost crossing the first half of the bridge, I ensured that I would be in top shape to complete the rest of the walk. I also arrived at the other side at least somewhat hydrated and ready for the long walk back across.

While we may have not have received a certificate, at least we didn't end up like all of the incoherent dehydrated fools who pushed on ahead of us.

Cari said...

Thanks Bev! I hope you had a fun holiday too.

Cari said...

Parental Figure: I have found that the body building Husband needs constant food and drink. Otherwise he loses too much weight. Me, I never eat or drink yet new weight finds me all the time.

Gentex is a great company. I am not qualified to work there. Ha!

Husband: You are way too sweet to ever be an incoherent dehydrated fool. : )

Parental Figure said...

I agree it is better to not be an incoherent dehydrated fool than to be an owner of a certificate stuffed in the back of some drawer somewhere. {:-)

Keep replenishing and live long!

I stand admonished....

O'Neal said...

Ha! Fun post.

To PF: I'm pretty sure that certificate would not have gone to waste in the back of a drawer. They'd probably play pin the tail on the certificate or make a tail-less kite out of it or something : )

Cari said...

O'Neal: Those are fun, fabulous certificate ideas! Now I'm super bummed that we didn't get one.


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