Friday, September 30, 2011

Husband's Placemat

Guess what?

Heart Made from Fall Leaf Leaves

The leaves are changing colors.

Heart made out of leaves

The leaves are falling in the yard.

Thick and Dimensional View of Leaf Heart

So, I ventured outside to gather some up.

Happy Fall Friday to you!


O'Neal said...

Awww, that's cute, I hope Husband takes the hint and gets you a placemat of your very own.

Parental Figure said...

No wonder "HUSBAND" treats you like you are the "Queen for a Day" all the time. I do like the way your mind is always working. Maybe that was why the trees were looking at you all the time. You know watch here come some leaves for you to do something with.

Cari said...

O'Neal: I didn't get a placemat of my own, but maybe I could convince Husband that picking up those few leaves counts as me "helping" rake the yard. : )

Parental Figure: Oh, you're right, the tree people are very giving. Right now they just keep giving and giving and giving... Won't be long before they are competely bare. Hey! Naked trees? What a bunch of exhibitionists! : )

O'Neal said...

If that didn't convince him, try setting up a fun Friday night of pin the tail on the leafy-donkey. That should do the trick : )


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