Monday, September 12, 2011

This Just Popped Up

While out for our bike ride,
we came upon this:

A popcorn tree!

You didn't know that popcorn grew on trees?

Anyway, we stopped to pick for a while.

And had ourselves a nice little snack
when we got home.

Popcorn trees are one of my favorite things!


Parental Figure said...

I think I've seen one of those trees. I believe it was in front of the tooth fairies house on easter bunny lane.

Didn't have the courage to pick some however. Maybe I need to go with Alice down the yellow brick road to see the wizard and get some courage?

Cari said...

PF: You have popcorn trees where you live too? That's amazing! You better get up your courage quickly before the trees are all picked bare.

Now, what I'm really desperate to find is a lollipop tree. Do you happen to have any of those?

other Parental Figure said...

Personally, I'm looking for that "money tree". Parental figure accuses me of spending money like we have one....still trying to hunt it down. May be at "old man McDonald's" farm. Happy lollipop tree search!!!

Cari said...

Well, I don't know about those money trees.

We had some "money plants" that grew in our yard one year. After the plants flower they produce a silver seed pod that looks like a silver dollar. I picked the "dollar" pods and took them to the store, but they wouldn't let me buy anything with them. I felt short-changed. : )


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