Saturday, September 17, 2011

Painting the Town

Our area Art Council sponsored
a fundraiser event this weekend.
Local artists were invited to stake out an area
anywhere downtown and paint
a scene of their own choosing.

Of course, we had to bike down
and check it out.

It was very cool to be biking along
then suddenly come upon an artist at work.

Here's this gentleman's painting
with the actual buildings he is painting right behind.
Pretty good, eh?

This lady was a little more bundled up
as she was sitting in the shade.
You must suffer for your art!

She chose to paint the post office which,
as you might have guessed,
is one of my most favorite buildings.

The actual Post Office.

And, as you can see, this artist had a little dancing helper
shaking her table as she worked.
Always handy.
And helpful.

She chose the most complicated scene we saw.
It included the town bank, the clock tower, a little side park, etc. 
Here's a photo of the actual scene below:

There were other artists out, too, painting various churches, etc.
Who knew our small town was bursting with such talent!

There will be a reception and auction
for all the finished work at the library
later this week.  We'll have to scoot down
and get some pictures so we can all see
 how these artists' pieces turn out.



other Parental Figure said...

The does look a lot like Mayberry!!! Or, actually, like movie sets. No, wait, more like "Back To The Future" waiting for Marty McFly to come flying down the street on his skateboard.....but, I like the feel or should I say, the "look" of Zeeland..I think I do. I hope the "town's event" is a success.

Cari said...

If our town is the Back to the Future town, I should definitely have a DeLorean in the garage!

That and I'll have to trade my bike in for a skateboard and learn to play some air guitar. : )

Seriously, I'm debating on whether to buy the post office painting at the auction. We'll have to see how it turned out. And how much it goes for! I can be awful cheap sometimes...


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