Sunday, September 25, 2011

Painting Update

Our local artists from this previous post 
have finished their work
and, as promised,
here are the updates.

1st work in progress:
Street Painting

Completed Painting:
Open Air Painting

2nd work in progress:
Street Artist

Completed Drawing:
Post Office Drawing

As for the third work, it seems to have gone missing.
The finished painting was not on display
with the others.
Maybe the "helpful" table dancer and shaker
got the best of our budding artist
and she had to call the project off?
I guess we'll never know for sure.

I really liked the two that did finish though!
Maybe we'll go to the auction on Monday
and place a bid.


Parental figure said...

Bummer - hope te post office one is at the auction. Better finish it before they close it to save money. {:-)

Cari said...

Alas, no post office artwork for me. Oh well, maybe next year! : )

O'Neal said...

They are both very good! The top one is my favorite, though.


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