Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paranoia 101

I thought I might be suffering from paranoia.
Everywhere I went
I felt trees looking at me.

Tree Face

It was like they were watching my every move.

Tree Face

Some trees seemed to be normal
until I looked really close.

Tree Eyes

Sure enough,
there were eyes.
Looking at me.

Tree Faces

At first,
I didn't want to mention my problem.
I was afraid of what people might think.

Then things got really bad.
 I came upon this tree
and felt that it was not only watching me once,
but three times!

Three Tree Faces, One Tree

Well, I knew it was time to reach out.
I cautiously mentioned my paranoia to a parental figure
and to my relief,  he had also noticed
that trees were watching him.
Ahhh, I wasn't alone.
I immediately felt better.

I felt so much better,
that I began to mock the nosy trees.

Picking Tree Face's Nose

I am pretty sure that mocking your problems
is the first step to recovery,


O'Neal said...

Ha ha ha. Tree-mendous post!

Cari said...

O'Neal you are so punny!


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