Friday, September 02, 2011


I do not usually keep up
with the newest technology gadgets.
I have no iphone, no ipad, no ipod.
No i anything.

Yet, this new advancement
won me over instantly.

Del Sol Nail Polish Clear
It is clear and sparkly.

Del Sol Nail Polish Hot Pink
It is hot pink.

Yes!  Yes!
Nail polish that changes color when out in the sunlight!

technology I can use.


Parental Figure said...

I thought we only spoke English here on the blog?

Heat senisitive finger nail polish is way too technical for English only conversations!

Cari said...

I know. I'm such a techie.

Don't be jealous about the nail polish though. I'm sure you could get away with wearing some out where you live! : )

Parental Figure said...

Careful the folks on the left coast are a little sensitive.

Although if they had a black polish maybe it'd enhance my leathers! {:-)


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