Friday, October 07, 2011

House Art

Sometimes I feel like doing something arty
but when the weather is as gorgeous
as it is right now,
there is no way I'm staying indoors.

Guess I'll have to make art outside.

Our house before I felt arty:

And after:
Can you see it?

How about now:

Or now:

Yes, folks, I drew all over the front of the house.

The chalk box says that it comes off with water.
You don't suppose they would lie, do you?

A cheerful "Welcome Home"
for the Husband!


lori said...

too bad it has to come off, that's pretty cool!

O'Neal said...

Ha! Good thing you did some close-up shots. Pretty creative. It's kinda like graffiti, but not : )

Parental Figure said...

All the rain I've been seeing in the news has probably un-arted your house by now?

Hope you feel better soon.


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