Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Activity Time

Time for another Christmas Activity update!
Today's Activity:
Color a Christmas Picture.

I'm sure you aren't surprised that
I chose a picture with Mail Art.
And Husband is always about the rabbits.
He even did that rabbit drawing in the middle.

Here's a better look at it:
Pretty good, eh?

I don't know when you last colored using crayons
but, let me tell you, it was fabulous.
It was like being in kindergarten all over again
only, this time, without any of that pesky learning stuff.

Need some relief from holiday stresses?
Go color something.  Immediately.


O'Neal said...

You really were serious about that activities list, weren't you? I like the rabbit drawing by Husband. I remember doing that as a kid, it was the only way I could draw anything recognizable.

I lost track, I think this is 6th reply...moving on....

Cari said...

You should run right out and get yourself a coloring book and some crayons. I bet you still have your drawing talents!

O'Neal said...

Will it help to perk me up? I took a ton of recyclables to the recycling center today. They turned me away and said to come back on January 9th. What the heck??! I am bummed, maybe coloring would help!


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