Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mail Art

Usually I attach some type
of visual picture to the mail
I send out and call it Mail Art.

But this Christmas,
I made a visual picture
out of the mail I received.

Christmas tree Mail Art.

The tree ended up being
about 7 1/2 feet tall
and over 3 feet wide at its widest point.

I spent the entire month of
December being thrilled, THRILLED,
by the pile of fun mail
that arrived daily in our mailbox!
Thank you to every single person
who thought of us this season.
A true delight of Christmas!

Let this be my appeal to the world:
Never stop sending Christmas cards through the mail!
Or, at least, never stop mailing them to me.

1 comment:

O'Neal said...

The last line cracked me up. LOL

Your Christmas tree mail art is very creative and pretty. May next year's tree grow to 8 feet x 4 feet!


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