Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Phant Believes!

Our tiny town has its own professional photography studio,
Marc Photography.

When they announced earlier this month
that Santa Claus would be in the studio
and available for photographs with community children,
you know we were there!

Phant Visits Santa Claus

Phant was pretty nervous
when he first saw Santa
but he was a brave boy
and once Phant made it onto Santa's lap
he had quite the chat with the man.

Marc said Phant was his 
most cooperative poser of the day.

Merry Christmas from Phant to you!


Parental Figure said...

Hey I believe and would be a little nevous setting on the mans lap myelf.

I hope he asked for a lot

Cari said...

Well, as a believer, I sure hope Santa treated you nicely this year.

I think Phant asked Santa for some more wild adventures in the coming year. I'm pretty sure his wishes shall be answered. : )

O'Neal said...

Awww, that's cute. Hoping that Phant's legal troubles got taken care of, and that he is no longer a fugitive on the run.

And I really, really hope that photo doesn't one day end up on one of those "awkward family photos" web sites!

8th? 8th down, I think, brain is fried...moving on....

Cari said...

O'Neal: Silly you. That isn't an awkward photo. I mean, grown adults take their stuffed animals out to public, community activities all the time, right? Right?

And, surely, we have no idea about any legal troubles.... We always obey the law around here. (Said while casually and nervously looking around for The Fuzz....)

O'Neal said...

Noooooo, it's not awkward AT ALL. (Studies have shown that people who orchestrate the taking of awkward family photos fully believe that they are having perfectly normal family photos taken.)

The "Fuzz", ha! Makes me want to go watch Starsky & Hutch and Charlie's Angels.


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