Sunday, December 11, 2011


We have been enjoying our
incredibly fun Christmas activities.
Last night, we went for our first
of many Christmas Light Drives
and you know I was squealing with delight
when we came upon this display:

Snoopy Christmas Lights Bicycle
Yes, yes, yes!
A bicycle and a Snoopy dog!
One of the most brilliant ideas ever.

The only thing better would be 
my bike and the Phant,
the whole affair aglow.
I can see it now....

Stay tuned and maybe you will be seeing it, too!


Anonymous said...


Think of the song playing on the Wizard of Oz when the crazy old lady was peddling like mad on her bike with poor Toto in the basket......

I hear this again and again in my head when I picture you and Phant riding around town. Love you!

O'Neal said...

Now THAT is pretty cool looking! Nice night time photo.

5th reply done, hands sore from typing so much....moving on...

Cari said...

What part are you saying makes you think of me? The "crazy," or the "old lady?" Either way, I know this Anonymous is my sister!


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