Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time's Up!

Christmas has come and gone.
What a whirlwind!
Here's the rundown on our Official Activity List:

The Most Fun was the "secret" activity:
Call Friends and Family
and Carol Them Over the Phone!

People were caught off guard,
people were weirded out.
Some joined in the singing,
some moaned and, I suspect, rolled their eyes.
Others laughed and mocked.
Some applauded and cheered.
One nine-year-old told us not to quit our day jobs.
It was a blast!

The Most Involved was:
Stringing Popcorn Garland.

Popcorn Garland Christmas Tree
Sure, it looks charming.
But .  Come.  On.
With the slowness, the sticking yourself in the finger,
the blood on the popcorn,
the pieces breaking in half as your shove them on the needle,
the needle pulling off the thread constantly.

No wonder this tradition fell out of fashion.
Can't wait to do it again next year! 

The Least Involved:
Building a Snowman.
It simply couldn't be done.
We got no snow.  None.
Green/brown grass for Christmas.

What fun activities did you do this season?


Parental Figure said...

We loved the blind sided Christmas Caroling as it was out of no where for us. We were envibing on one of our favorites at the most loved casino. I said who the heck is calling me from work this late. Great totally shocking on who it was. My spouse thought I was calling her over to the machine as I had just won a jackpot and bingo it was Christmas Carols from our favorites. It did bring us luck although so Merry Christmas to all!

O'Neal said...

Sounds like everyone had fun, whether they admitted it or not... HA! The 9 year old definitely has a future in comedy or human resources or something. And blood on the popcorn. HA HA! sorry to laugh at your pain and suffering, but well, it's not often that food and gore combined are so comical :)

10th and done! yay me! I am drained...and hungry...off to make some popcorn! LOL

Cari said...

Parental Figure: Sorry we weren't the jackpot but off-key carols are almost as good, right? Right? :)

O'Neal: May your popcorn be blood free! I just know we've convinced you to try the garland next year, too.

O'Neal said...

Blood-free popcorn. LOL
Maybe next year you should just drill holes in unpopped kernels and string 'em up that way.

Oh hey, I got a spunky little hot air popcorn popper for Christmas (sadly, it was not an official MLB 2011 World Series Champions - St. Louis Cardinals model), so I'm halfway there to trying it myself. I have no idea where needles and thread come from though...off to check Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist :)

Cari said...

We have an air popper too! It's fabulous. Enjoy yours, and you definitely have to do the whole bloody-finger, popcorn garland thing next year now.


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