Friday, January 20, 2012

Crazies in the Hood

Just when you think that
you are the only unusual person on the block,
you come upon a neighbor with this
in their front yard:
Upside down snowman

Aren't they fantastic?

The idea for this snowman is so awesome,
I wish it had been mine:

Upside-down snowman

Yippee for upside-down snowmen and
yippee for kooky neighbors!


O'Neal said...

What does it mean when you first read that title and it looks like "Crazy Hoodies"? I don't know, either. But, I think you should make a post with that title, it sounds fun.

So, anyway, I love the upside down snowman! If I had some snow of my own, I would steal that idea and go make one. Kooky neighbors are the best kind of neighbors!

Cari said...

You sure do enjoy mentioning that you don't have any snow where you are. I'm so jealous! But, at least I have interesting snow things to look at, I guess.

Crazy Hoodies? I'm not sure. Maybe you secretly want a zebra printed hoodie to call your own? Keep an eye out for one at all those souvenir shops.

O'Neal said...

Cheer up, little Lions fan. Spring is only 59 days away!

A zebra printed hoodie, yes, you could be on to something there.

O'Neal said...

44 days and no new posts. Slacker.


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