Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mail Art

For those of you who were worried,
I haven't stopped sending mail.
I just haven't been very good
at posting about it. 

I'll use "the holidays"
as my excuse.


I love how this guy is not only cute
but is also helpfully
pointing the way towards the address.
I'm guessing that postal workers
really dig this kind of stuff.

Just a bunch of chicks
cackling away a meal...
Maybe it's just me, but
I think that the hen in the back
is racking her brain to find a way
to discreetly pull up her friend's bra strap.

Part human, part Klingon, part ape.

Don't think I'm not desperate to
bling out my cat's litter box in rhinestones after seeing this!
If only I had a Bedazzler...

Pretty birdies.
Do they really live in holes in trees?
Not nests?

Can't you just envision Phant going for a ride in this?
He'd wear a matching scarf, of course,
and maybe with just his head peeking out
of that hole in front.
One day Phant,
one day!


O'Neal said...

LOL Funny stuff! Your commentary cracked me up! The first two were knee-slap worthy :)

Cari said...

I can't imagine that the photographer didn't give the lady a little heads-up on the whole strap malfunction. Poor lady. At least her hen tried to have her back!


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