Saturday, January 07, 2012

Rah-Rah For Centerpieces

Do you ever get the feeling that your
dining table needs a little sprucing up?

Instead of playing it safe with
a ho-hum floral arrangement
that will only wilt the next day,
try making something fun yourself.
I did.

Let's hear a big cheer for:

Paper Pom-Poms on a Stick!
Who knew shredded paper could be so fabulous?
A lesson that you can make cool stuff
out of anything.

So much better than typical flowers, right?
And, how timely seeing as it is NFL Play-Off time.

Go fun tablescapes!
Go Detroit Lions!


Anonymous said...

Parental Figure-Spouse: Going to try this comment disappeared into cyber-space. (this technology??? yikes!) Your centerpiece is very "football-ish". At least you do not have to water every three days. R u keeping track of your bets/wins/losses/ etc.? Such an exciting time right?

O'Neal said...

I like all the red, that bottle is cool looking. I'm thinking the bloody popcorn would have been perfect for this!

Sorry your Lions got their butts least they did way better than my pathetic 2-14 Rams.

Cari said...

PF-S: Yes, I'm keeping track... of our losses. Maybe it will all turn around for us this weekend! In the meantime, at least our table is cheering for us!

O'Neal: Thank you for the kind words. I bet you like the table colors because they remind you of the Cardinals. : ) It seems so odd to hear someone say that the Lions "did way better" than anyone. I guess I'm still smarting from their 0-16 season. Take it as inspiration. If the Lions can turn things around, there's definite hope for the Rams!

O'Neal said...

Yep, the subliminal Cardinals connection is probably what makes your red table seem so appealing to me :)

Hey, I can loan you my red Cardinals hard hat until Spring Training, if you need an extra bit of red for the table.

Breaking news! Rams have a brand new head coach, Jeff Fisher. Yahoo!
1 part Lions inspiration + 1 part new Rams head coach = 3-13 Rams season maybe? LOL


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