Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Shaft

We hopped on our bikes and
went to visit our old pals,

This was the welcome we got:

The butt from Puzzle.

And this from Bill :

Don't they look thrilled to see us?
I called them and called them.
I waved my carrot offerings high and low.
Well, Bill did lift his head and look my way once,
but he went right back to chomping grass.
Silly donkeys!

Luckily we did see some new creatures during our ride:

Baby turkeys!! 

They weren't too excited by us either
but at least two turned around and looked our way!

Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

O'Neal said...

Obviously, they remember you from September of 2011 and wanted nothing to do with your screechy voice, no matter how many carrots you had with you :)

Very cool. I've never seen baby turkeys before. Which reminds me, I haven't seen the lone wild turkey, that was hanging out behind my house, for quite a while. Throughout the winter, she would come get food daily.

And hey, very, very, very belated Happy Memorial Day back at ya!


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