Monday, September 17, 2012


Husband had the day off today.
To mark the occasion, we went letterboxing!
Have you been before?
Have you ever heard of it?
Well, here's the deal:
Click on "Letterboxes",
search for your state and city,
print off the directions and clues
and you are off on a fun adventure!
(Note: you will need a rubber stamp of some sort, a stamp pad,
and a small blank notebook to record your letterbox finds in.)
Here was our first find of the day:
The box was underneath those sticks.
Once you find a box,
you will find a mini paper book
and a stamp inside, like this:
The stamp was wrapped in the brown cloth.
Here's a close-up of the stamp:
Cool, eh?
It is always awesome to find a hand carved stamp!
You use the stamp and pad that you brought with you
to make a stamp in the mini book. 
Here's an example of stamps that have been left in this letterbox:
Usually, you would list the date and where you are from
next to your stamp.
Then you use your pad and the stamp from the letterbox
to make a stamp impression on the notebook
that you brought with you.
Here is me getting all the "paperwork"
taken care of:
Here are my printed clues and
my book after I stamped it with the cat stamp
from the letterbox:
Replace everything back into the letterbox
you found, make sure it is mostly hidden
just as you found it and 
You've just letterboxed!
Our second box was found here:
See it?
Here's a closer look:
This is why I think it is important to bring
your Husband along with you when letterboxing.
The boxes are sometimes found in
spider-friendly places.
Husbands are always useful for putting their hands
into spidery spots!
The second stamp:
Another cool hand carved stamp!
Here it is in our notebook:
Isn't this the best fun?!
We have been letterboxing since 2003.
There are new boxes listed
on the website all the time so keep checking.
I think our next challenge may be to
hide a letterbox ourselves!


lori said...

Looks like you got your hair cut! From this view it looks cute! A lot easier I bet!
Are you still running? I've picked it up again.
Everything going good?

O'Neal said...

Looks like fun! Kinda like geocaching, but no gps device required.

I remember, as a kid, using potatoes to make a rubber stamp-type of thing.

Speaking of spiders, I read somewhere that no matter where you are, you are always within 10 feet of a spider. So, you should probably have Husband with you at all times.

Lolena said...

Yes, exactly, it's the Old School version of geo-caching. Good for us non-techy types who don't even own a gps.

As for your spider statistic, it seems like a big enough berth of space as long as those "10 feet" don't include my own two feet.

9teen87 said...

Very interesting, I've never heard of letterboxing before. I love the 'Are you My Mother' stamp!


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