Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I hope you are all having
a fabulous Christmas Day!
We had a surprise visit from Santa
so, of course, we had to take
Phant out to see him
on his sleigh.
We aren't sure how his sleigh works
without any snow,
but apparently Santa has his ways.
(My, what lumpy legs you have Santa....)
Merry Christmas!


ONeal said...

Phant looks ecstatic...or is that a look of terror...or maybe embarrassment, not sure.

And Santa looks stuck between the two poles, and is waving for help. I do hope you and Husband helped get him unstuck after you took advantage of the situation for a photo op!

Lumpy legs LOL

Cari said...

Stuck between the two poles. Ha, ha, ha! O'Neal, you so funny!


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