Quotes from What I am Currently Reading


We forget three-fourths
of ourselves
to be like other people.

Arthur Schopenhauer
quoted in
--Creating a Beautiful Home
by Alexandra Stoddard


We had no children, and when new acquaintances discovered
that I worked "only" half time, they would ask,
"So what do you do with the rest of your time?"
"I keep house," I would say.

That was always the end of the conversation.
I had the uncomfortable sense that virtually any other answer
would have been more acceptable.
People would have been happy to hear that I was
an artist or a writer,
that I was developing a small business,
that I was practicing the piano or taking flying lessons.
But keeping house?
I might as well have said,
"I'm wasting my time."
--Keeping House
by Margaret Kim Peterson
Haines is so full of local color
that if they ever made a movie about us,
no one would believe it.
There's an artist who lives with his wife, a weaver,
in a fanciful cabin overlooking Rainbow Glacier.
He keeps a dead temple pit viper in a big jar filled with vodka
and takes sips of the "snake juice" every now and then
to ward off illness.
He'll offer you some if you stop by.

--If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name
by Heather Lende


If Betsy would only answer her letter!
It was odd that she didn't,
for Betsy liked to write letters.
--Carney's House Party
by Maud Hart Lovelace


When I sort through my mail
and find a longhand letter from my mother,
I know exactly her routine --
tea, stationery, envelopes, stamps and pen;
and always her search for a sunlit place to sit,
usually our kitchen table.
I can picture the tilt of her head and the quiet--
just the sound of her pen scratching the paper
and her teacup finding its saucer.
--Mary Jane Butters
Mary Janes Farm Magazine


Yoga is for everyone.
Yoga is for you.
You can begin your yoga practice
at any age, in any physical condition,
and in any place where you can take a deep breath.
Machelle M. Seibel, MD
Hari Kaur Khalsa


It's the simple things in life
that are the most extraordinary.
Paulo Coelho


It dares us to break free
 from the safe strategies
of the cautious mind.
from Roger Housden

You and I set the tone for our homes.
We have the potential to make them warm and  inviting.
We can create wonderful environments where
friends and family can thrive.

It is undeniably true that the imagination is far more powerful
than knowledge,  and that it is much more important to believe
in something than to know it! 
There is, after all, a limit to the things we can know
(even if we are fortunate enough to be geniuses),
 but no limit whatsoever to  the things we might imagine.
from Susan Wittig Albert

Teeny Bear and Weeny Bear were the liveliest babies in the Green Forest, and Mother Bear was sure they were the most mischievous.  There was no guessing what they would do next.  They often disobeyed their mother although they didn't mean to disobey. 
They would just forget.
There is nothing so easy to do as to forget.
from The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature

We are made for cooperation like feet, like hands.
To act against one another, then, is contrary to nature.
from Marcus Aurelius,
Roman Emperor 161-180 AD

From Earlier:
In his 2008 book, The Freedom Paradox, Clive Hamilton argues that within free-market capitalism, corporate interests actively discourage us from acting in accord with the values, preferences and desires we would endorse after careful consideration. Very few of us, he writes, would, upon deep reflection, say that it is our innermost desire in life to work incredibly hard at a job we dislike in order to possess the latest consumer products. Yet this is precisely the life our society encourages.


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